Rural/Exclusion Fences


  • Feral animal barrier fence (eg, roo/dog fence
  • Boundary fences
  • Livestock fences
  • Steel and Timber construction combination fences
  • Electric stock fence
  • Steel gates and hinges
  • Steel and Wooden Strainers
  • Steel and wire droppers
  • Hinged-joint, fixed knot, stiff stay and netting
  • Capped posts
  • Full range of wire including barb and plain

End Assembly

  • Drive posts in with Post Driver
  • Concrete posts in
  • Steel, wooden, box, pipe,¬†cattle yard rail
  • Unless site clean up requested all materials are to be delivered to a cleared and graded line.
  • Under request, we can organise professional subcontractors for specific tasks. This includes clearing and grading your fence line.

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